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PWRF announces the acquisition
of the intellectual property and product lines from PulseWave RF

Press Release
PWRF announces the acquisition of the intellectual property and product lines from PulseWave RF

New Linearization Technology First to Employ Real-time Feedback

AUSTIN, Texas -- January 26, 2009 -- PWRF Inc. announces that it has acquired the intellectual property and product lines from PulseWave RF, Inc.
PWRF will continue to develop Class M technology and RF power amplifier modules targeting 3G and 4G wireless technologies.

"With the release of these new products, we are leveling the playing field for wireless base station manufacturers," said David Kelly, President and CEO of PWRF. "The Class M Power technology provides a high level of integration that will transform the design and manufacture of multicarrier power amplifiers."

Class M is a breakthrough technology that digitizes RF signals and linearizes them in the digital domain using real-time feedback. The result is the wireless industry's first fully-integrated linearization technology. The high degree of integration provided by the Class M modules sets new industry benchmarks for size with the PW21200 module measuring 15.25 x 8.75 cm (6 x 3.4 in). In addition to reducing a typical amplifier form factor by greater than 50 percent, this digital architecture will enable an average amplifier level efficiency of 25 percent, while reducing overall costs.

The Class M Power module design allows for power combining to meet the various power requirements of microcells, macrocells and remote radio heads. The PWRF PW21200 is targeted at the 2100 MHz WCDMA market and is scalable in 200 Watt peak power increments.

PWRF is a fabless semiconductor company that continues to commercialize the industry's first digital RF power amplifier module for wireless infrastructure. The company's proprietary Class M technology is a digital MCPA module that simultaneously sets new industry benchmarks for cost, size and efficiency. Based in Austin, Texas, PWRF is a privately held company.

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